What's New on the Light Horse Website?

September 30
Spook & War Wagon CE Vern Delaware to Folded Wings

September 21, 2017
Completed a Personal Photo Album for Long Knife pilot, Led Symmes.
The really great pix are from 1971

September 15, 2015
Added a short story by Wes Bartley and some of his experience getting out of Vietnam in mid-1972

August 5, 2017
Put together a personal photo album for '70-71 Long Knife CE, Kim Peterson
A great story by Long Knife pilot, Les Smith "The trouble with LURPS"

July 9, 2017
Added Crusader Pilot, Johnny Helms to Folded Wings.
Bullfrog Vanvuren's Light Horse Golf Tournament and Veteran's Mini Reunion Page

May 24, 2017
Added Bruce Barney to Folded Wings
May 16, 2017
Added Crusader Pilot Kevin Kelly to Folded Wings

April 14, 2017
Long knife Pilot Dennis Sorges added to Folded Wings

February 17, 2017
Added Memorial page for Tom Suprock
Added Ray Murphy to the Crusader callsign roster.

February 16, 2017
Memorial page for Tom Suprock

February 11, 2017
Added War Wagon pilot Tom Suprock to Folded Wings

January 22, 2017
Added Crusader Pilot Paul Osterlin to Folded Wings

January 13, 2017
Added "Plank Holders" Rodney Honkola, John Ninneman, and Norman Lillard to Folded Wings

December 13, 2016
Added Sp-4 Kim Peterson to the Folded Wings page.

October 29, 2016
Personal Photo Album for 1969 Long Knife CE, Stan Hart

October 27, 2016
Updated PX pages now offering Troop Polo Shirts with embroidered C Troop 3/16 logo

October 26, 2016
Added Long Knife CE, Chuck Haddon to Folded Wings

October 21, 2016
Added 1Lt Jerry Lynn Riddles to Folded Wings
A photo album for War Wagon pilot George Schmitz.

October 13, 2016
Literary work by Huey CE Bobby McBride

October 4, 2016
Updated Crusader Jim Burch's Personal Photo Album

September 29, 2016
Added MG Goodbary to Folded Wings

September 23, 2016
Added Clemont "Sonny" Palazzo to Folded Wings
An entire Yearbook for Flight School Class 68-11, 6th WOC

September 20, 2016
Added documents and artifacts to Long Knife CE Joe Zavis' photo album.
Photos from the Mini Reunion in Cadiz, KY

August 30, 2016
Added our friend Tony Spletestoser to the folded wings page.

August 20, 2016
Updated a PX Page with a variety of colors for Troop Polo Shirts offered by John Sorensen

August 18, 2016
The 2016 Annual Light Horse Reunion Photos have finally been posted.
Thank you for your patience.

July 10, 2016

Added Crusader Crewchief and Plank Owner "Mel" Minney to Folded Wings.

June 18, 2016
Since I am traveling extensively throught the US and rarely have decent internet, I have not been able to adequately update the Troop website.
I plan to be back in the Troop TOC by mid-July and will have a lot of catching up to do including posting many photos that were taken at this year's reunion.
Rick and I are so excited about the 2017 reunion as we prepare "celebrate?" the 50th Anniversary of the Troop's deployment to Vietnam.
We hope you will join us for that grand event.
I have updated the Reunion pages for next year's soiree.

You may have to refresh your browser to see the latest info for the 2017 event.

March 27, 2016
LTC Sid Lyons and War Wagon pilot Bob Grove to Folded Wings

February 23, 2016
Added a Personal Photo Album for Long Knife Crewchief, Joe Zavis

January 20, 2016
Added photos to Long Knife Crewchief KIA, Roger Fortune, to his memorial page.

December 17, 2015
Your Reunion staff has received a Room Count document from the reunion hotel, "Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites on the Ocean".
 The "Who's Coming" list on this website has been updated to reflect the tally of attendees for the 2016 Light Horse reunion.

A number of guys have been removed from the list because they haven't made reservations at that hotel and some guys have been added since we didn't know they were coming.

View the updated roster with this link.

December 16, 2015
Added photos to Bob Harshberger's Memorial Page

November 15, 2015
Added James Macleod to Folded Wings
Added Gary Clark to Long Knife Callsign Roster
Added Bill Wiscome to Crusader callsign Roster
Updated the "Who's Coming" to the April Reunion List

October 26, 2015
A story by Crusader pilot, Rick Roll
Stetson Cav hat ordering information on the PX page.

October 23, 2015
Added Bob Harshberger to Folded Wings

October 18, 2015
Three new/old stories by D Troopers
A story to Tony Spletestoser's Collection

October 15, 2015
Added Long Knife pilot Rex Gooch's book about Ace Cozzalio to the PX page.

October 9, 2015
Updated the 1968 & 1970 Timelines
Added a Bronze Star with V for L Sprader
Added Valorous Unit Award, 1968

Corrected the Bronze Star awards index

September 22, 2015
Added Long Knife pilots, Long and Allison to Folded Wings.
Updated "Who's Coming" to the 2016 Reunion list.

September 7, 2015
Check out the recent additions to "News and Events" Page.

August 29, 2015
Added Pre-deployment Vietnam Pocket Guide

August 21, 2015
Updated a photo of a Loach in the water in Tom Nutting's Photo Album with comment by Richard Bench.

Added captions to some pictures in Joe Fonte's Album. You'll just have to sort through the 200+ to find them 

August 19, 2015
Added a personal photo album for Plank Holder, Joseph Fonte

July 30, 2015
Information about the 2016 Reunion Golf outings

July 13
Comments by Carter Brooks about deployment from Fort Riley to Vietnam

July 9, 2015
Stars and Stripes article about the loss of Tasker and Brophy added to the 1968 Time Line.
A 1997 hometown newspaper clipping from Johnny Hutcherson

July 7, 2015
Inspirational work by Long Knife Doorgunner, Johnny Hutcherson added to "Literary Works" page.

June 19, 2015
A great story by Long Knife pilot Les Smith has been added to the "War Stories" page.

June 8, 2015
Planning information for the 2016 Reunion have been posted.

May 28, 2015
Plans for the Autumn Reunion in Cadiz Kentucky have been canceled.

Bullfrog just has a few too many things going on in his life at the present time.
 He extends his most sincere apologies to those of you who had planned to attend..

May 22, 2015
Added 2 Troopers to "Folded Wings"

May 14, 2015
Photos of the 2015 Reunion in Daytona Beach are posted

March 10, 2015
Added Bob Hawkinson to Folded Wings

February 26, 2015
Black Knights Memorial Monument at Fort Knox, KY

February 15, 2015
Added a Personal Photo Album for Long Knife Pilot Larry Hudson.
 He was with D Troop in 1969

January 20, 2015
Added Bob Applehans to Folded Wings

January 14, 2015
Added a "News and Events" Page

January 6, 2015
Added Doughboy Jack Kasada to Folded Wings
Updated the Who's Coming list for the Spring Reunion
Deleted the Day Tour from the Spring Reunion schedule

November 4, 2014
Updated Spring Reunion page: added Golf Tournament Information, a Day Tour plus an Easy to Use Reunion Links Page

October 23, 2014
Added "I was there just last night" to Literary Works

October 9, 2014
Added a link to Billy Norman's webpages in the "War Stories" section

October 8,2014
Added Tim Dahlen and Howard Garrett to the Crusader Callsign Roster

September 5, 2014
"Who's Coming" to 2015 Spring Reunion update

August 25, 2014
Photos of Mike McGuire's Memorial Service

August 16, 2014
Posted recently found Long Knife CE Larry Hecht's photo album

August 15, 2014
Posted long overdue photo album for War Wagon John Elliott

August 7, 2014
Memorial page for Mike McGuire

July, 30, 2014
Added Long Knife CE, Mike "Mac" McGuire to "Folded Wings"

June 30, 2014
Added Crusader Pilot, Al Orgain to Folded Wings

June 28, 2014
Recollections and Remembrance for Maj Bob Groff added to his memorial page.
Updated information about the 2014 Autumn Reunion in Kentucky

June 7, 2014
Information about the Autumn Reunion in Kentucky

June 6, 2014
Planning for the 2015 Spring Reunion

May 28, 2014
More photo pages of the Spring Reunion

May 21, 2014
Air Medal and ARCOM Orders for Long Knife David Riley

May 20, 2014
Larry Sprader's Reunion Photos

May 18, 2014
Ray Reiblein to Folded Wings
Link to the only Spring Reunion photos that I have.
This link will transfer you from the Troop website to Rex Gooch's personal site.

If some of ya'll will send some additional pix, I will make a separate webpage for them.

April 12, 2014
Golf events update
List of Alternate Hotels near the Reunion Site
Easier to use Reunion Links Directory

March 10, 2014
A copy of orders for Air Medal with V for 5 Crewmembers.

March 3, 2014
Updated Reunion Golf Tournament Details

February 6, 2014
Added 14 photos to Randy Albright's Personal Album

January 30, 2014
Updated the Spring Reunion information.

January 18, 2014
LTC Jerry H Brown added to Folded Wings

December 21, 2013
Personal Photo Album for Randy Albright

November 10, 2013
Photo Album for Reinaldo Figueroa

November 2, 2013
I think I have the forum portal set up and working properly. Check it out here.

October 26, 2013
Memorial Photo page for SFC Jack Boyett
Paul Booterbaugh added to Folded Wings

October 24, 2013
Photos from the Autumn Reunion in KY.

August 27, 2013
Added Jeffery Hayes to Charliehorse "Folded Wings"
Made a change to 1968 Troop Roster
Added names to "Who's Coming" to the Autumn Reunion

August 6, 2013
Click here to see "Who's Coming" to the Light Horse Autumn reunion in Kentucky

June 24, 2013
Added Doughboy, Doc Aulik, to the Folded Wings roster

May 8,2013
Additional photos of Roy Sudeck's permanent marker

Some pix of the memorial service at the spring reunion

May 4, 2013
"What They Carried"

Crusader Pilot, Mike Rasbury remembers KIA Williams and Elbracht

Sniffer Mission story added to the 1967 timeline.

Link to a "Living Legacy" interview with War Wagon Pilot, Doug Brown
The above link leaves this website.

 This link leads to the "Literary Works" page where the link is permanently stored.

War Story from Long Knife Pilot, Dale Johnson
Photo of Roy Sudeck's permanent marker at Arlington

April 30, 2013
Fixed the link to the PX Page
Added Pix of the 2013 Reunion

April 25, 2013
Memories by Crusader Tom Nutting

April 10, 2013
D Troop Pilot to Folded Wings

March 30, 2013
Updated Reunion "Who's Coming" list

March 21, 2013
Link to Ohio Veteran's Memorial Park
Cris Rash to War Wagon Callsign Roster
Story about Crusader Pilot, Rick Roll

March 19,2013
7 Stories by Light Horse Friend, Tony Spletestoser
A "Who's Coming" to the Reunion List

March 12, 2013
Complete photo album of Roy Sudeck's interment at Arlington National Cemetery.

Reunion "Saturday Night Slide Show"

February 22
Photos from the Autumn Reunion held in Kentucky

February 21, 2013
A Personal Photo Album from Long Knife Pilot in '71 & 72 Rex Gooch

February 19, 2013
Added Nielsen, Rahm and Sheffield to
Folded Wings

November 30, 2012
Added 1st Sergeant Phillip Sparks to Folded Wings
Added Crusader 36, Roy Sudeck to Folded Wings

August 29, 2012
Added War Wagon, Sgt. Roberto Ramos to Folded Wings

August 15, 2012
Photos from 2012 VHPA Reunion

August 3, 2012
Added Doughboy, Nick Albano to Folded Wings

July 27, 2012
A Troop song from 1968 submitted by Gary Winsett

July 26,2012
Added names to 1971-72 War Wagon Gunners Photo
Made corrections to 1968 Troop Roster
Added Tom Nutting to Crusader Callsign Roster

July 25,2012
Added over 100 pix taken during 1968-69 by Crusader Tom Nutting

July 22,2012
It is my sad duty add Buck Buchanan to the "Folded Wings" page.

June 2, 2012
Courtesy of Rex Gooch, I have added C 3/17 graphics to a number of pages on the site.
Two new items offered by Long Knife John Sorensen have been added to the Troop PX page.

May 24, 2012
2012 Reunion Photos

1968 Troop Roster
Updated "Folded Wings" roster

March 22, 2012
Updated "Who"s Coming" to the Reunion

January 21,2012
News about the PX Page Regarding the purchase of new Troop Commemorative Coins

January 21, 2012
Began a list of Troopers planning to attend the 2012 Reunion in Atlanta

January 4, 2012
Hotel Information has been added
A new Light Horse hat/lapel pin added to the PX Page.
Photos of Harold Feltner's memorial park.

December 22, 2011
Looking back on the past 6 months, I have been very busy with lots of other stuff and really have neglected the website and the Troop.
As the New Year approaches I look forward to spending much more time on the website.
I have lots of things to add that I'm sure will be of interest to many of you.
So...If you have sent me stuff to add, I want to thank you for your contribution and you may rest assured I will get to it in the near future.

From my family to you and yours,
Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year

War Wagon 14, Webmaster

See Who is Coming to the
Reunion at LZ Van Buren

Added Scavenger 6 Pilot, Bill Rowe to Folded Wings

Corrected some names missing from Reunion Photos.
Posted information the Reunion to be held in October at LZ Van Buren

2011 Reunion Pix posted

Reunion Hotel Info Posted

2 Documents regarding the wear of Vietnamese Medals, Citations and Emblems
Began a Troop Photo Album

Kirkland's DD201 to Personal Documents

Dennis Freeman to
"Folded Wings"
Changed the way the Time line pages look and added news clippings.

Sam Munn to "Folded Wings"
Dave Maahs to
"Folded Wings"
Added some more pix to Feltner's Personal Photo Album

Photo of War Wagon Gunners circa '71-72
Purple Heart Orders for Feltner
Corrected Padier's nickname to "Tex"
Added Don Davenport to Long Knife Call sign Roster

Photo Album for J. Harold Feltner

Opened 2011 Reunion Information page

Added Kayser and Orgain to Crusader Call sign Roster
Memorial Park at Mexico, NY

Began a page dedicated to Veteran's Memorial Parks

Add Dennis Sullivan, Crusader 37 to
Call sign Roster.

Charlie Solis to
Folded Wings.

Added Ralph "Rooster" Cogburn to Folded Wings.

DMZ News Clipping

Added Greg Homer, Crusader 36 to the Call sign Roster.

Added Jim Jestor to Folded Wings with a link to his obituary.

Notice of War Wagon, Jim Nestor's death on Troop News page.
His name will be added to "Folded Wings" soon.
He will not be forgotten.

New Information about the Troop Cruise

Check "Events"

Added some items to the PX Page
I have re-opened the "Troop News and Events" page

Added Personal Photo Album for Plank Holder, Wayne Lovell
Updated "Plank Holder's" Group Photo from the Reunion

I have added a PX Page. Please check it out.
Added a Personal Photo Album for War Wagon pilot Vince Helmer

I have completed Mik
e Galvin's Personal Photo Album

Added Jack Boyett and Rick Jenks to "Folded Wings"
The Reunion Photos have been posted
Thanks for your patience.

Added Doggett to Folded Wings
Added to
Who's Coming

Paonessa and Mat Matulewicz to
"Who's Coming"

Added Alvin Tatman to "Folded Wings"

Updated the Reunion's "Who's Coming" page. Added some "Missing" Doughboys!
Added Thomas Torrance to Folded Wings page.
Started a Personal Photo Album for Mike Galvin

Added a photo of KIA Crew chief Rodger Fortune to Memorial Page

Reunion Hotel Information and Schedule of events has been posted.

The Troop Challenge Coins have arrived and are for sale.
Click on the link for details and photos.

The Troop Coins will sell for $5 each. That's Five Bucks and maybe some postage.

D Troop will soon have its own Challenge Coin
Some Reunion Info added
Updated "Who's Coming"
Another great story from Steve Cover

Added Joe Duncan to "Folded Wings"
Personal Photo album for Sonny Kayser
Good story by Steve Cover

I have added a few more photographs to Long Knife CE Steve McClain's Memorial Page.

Added Gary Driggers to Crusader Callsign Roster.

At the request of his family, Long Knife CE James Carson has been added to "Folded Wings".

Reunion Dates have been posted.

I have added Crusader pilot Larry Carmichael to the Folded Wings Roster

Finally got the Reunion Photos up and running.
I apologize for the delay. I thought we're supposed to slow down as we get older.

Just another note: Mike Hano and Kristy are getting married Tomorrow the 20th of June.
Bill & Kim King will be attending.

"Who's Coming" to the Reunion has been up dated.

Latest reunion information.

C Troop's Mike Cook has gotten the Black Knights website going again.
It looks very well put together.
Mike and C Troop are working hard to gather the Cav Troops together in harmony.
Check out their re-newed site  @

I have added comments to the 1966 Time Line regarding the Advanced Party's arrival in VN

More specific infor regarding the Reunion Hotel

Planning Info for the 2009 Light Horse Reunion

A Memorial Page has been created for Charlie Brown.
Several sets of Orders contributed by Richard Zimmerman

Posted Crusader 35, Charlie Brown to the "Folded Wings" page.

Info added to Story "NVA Under Rice"
Current Events

Bill King's Reunion Photos

Photo of Top Gardner on "Folded Wings" Page
Current Events

Photo credit to Vinh Long Mud Pit

Characterature for March 1967

Circa 1967 Troop Song

"Old Reliable" Articles

Aircraft history for Midget & Odie's AH-1G, #005

Photo & history for Loach 686

Added Bob Harshberger's long over due DFC

2008 Reunion Pictures

Photo Album for War Wagon John Elliott

Added a photo of War Wagon, Jim Tasker (KIA)

Added Heli-Vets to LinksPage
Give it a try!

Reunion Schedule

Updated Reunion Hotel information

Link to Sharyn Jones Obituary

Information on Dough Boy, Hunter Jones' wife Sharyn and her battle with serious illness.

Final installment of US Army AH-1G Training Films

New story about Light Horse and Charlierhorse Troopers

Reunion Hotel Information

Added Buddy Snelling to Folded Wings
Virtual Wall Link for Roger Fortune

Current Events

More photos in Mike Galvin's
Personal Album

New Story and Photo Album from Tony Spletestoser
More photos in Larry Hecht's album

More photos in
Larry Hecht's album

Squadron news
More photos in Mike Galvin's
Personal Album

AH-1 Training Films added to Video Page

The Video Page is up and running.
New photo of James Dale 11/20/69

New photo of Dan Brophy KIA 6/25/68
More photos in
Mike Galvin's
Personal Album
Started a Personal Album for Larry Hecht

Documentary video test
Link Ray Flynn on the "Virtual Wall"

 Check Current Events
I have started a photo album for Doughboy, Mike Galvin
Some Prose, "Demon Within"
Test Video

Damage reports for OH-23s #s 831 and 843

New photos of "Little Annie" after the crash.
Complete history of Huey D Model #936

News from Squadron

Working on the tail numbers and associated links and reports. Work in progress.
A new section in progress. A collection of Nose art, Insignia and Aircraft Nicknames

A couple of stories by Long Knife CE Claude Stevens

I have started a page for presenting news and other items that may be of interest to the Troop.
For lack of a better description, I'll call it "Current Events".
Have added a photo of SFC LaRouche to Folded Wings.
Added William Callis to Folded Wings.
Air Medal orders for a bunch of guys April 1971.
Added a humorous new old war story by Callison.

Added photo of Tony Bankston
Updated Reunion Page

I have added 27 names to the "FoldedWings" page.
They are D Troopers who have died after their tours in Vietnam.

Added photo of Eric Blantin
Link to Virtual Wall Memorial for Martin Taber
Added Jack Sheilds to Crusader Callsign Roster

Added a link to a great photo website that was set up by Long Knife pilot Richard Zimmerman.

Corrections to the Light Horse Callsign Roster.
Addition to the "Origin Of the Light Horse Name". Comments by former Troop Commander.
Added another page of photos from the reunion.

Reunion Photos

Added recently found picture from Vinh Long.

Added Cobra Crewcheif, Merle McClendon to "Folded Wings".

A new story from Tony Spletestoser about War Wagons Herb McMinn and CJ Wheeler.

Steve Kirkland has posted the origin of the Light Horse name.

Added Steve McClain to the "Folded Wings" Page.

See note from Rick Waite regarding ordering Reuinon Tee-Shirts.

A Story and Photos from Australian FAC about Dong Tam

"Who's Coming" to the Reunion has been updated.

Completed the Memorial for Tony Zimecki, 9 pages of previously unseen photographs.
From Tony's collection, added another picture of the Russian Flag.

Added a Personal Photo Album for Scavenger, Henry Hall

Added more Photos to Steve Cover's Personal Album

A Memorial Page for Tony Zimecki. I hope to add more later.

Spook & Long Knife (67-68) Steve Cover, has started a personal photo album

Up dated Who's Coming to the 2007 Light Horse Reunion in Indiana.

Added Carter Brooks to the Crusader Callsign Roster.

Added Steve Cover to Light Horse Callsign Roster

A new Guest Book has been installed.
I'm going to try running a Messageboard/Forum for the Troop.
Please bear with the growing pains.


Butch Cook Information Link

"Mudmen" war stories have been anotated to reflect that Johnny Helms wasn't the Cobra pilot that shot Rick Waite and Bill Hanegmon down.

New pictures from Tim Dahlen
Reunion Pictures

Guest book updates

Anthony Piccioni has passed away.
New Guestbook Entries

July 4th, 2005
After a bit of a hiatus I'm finally "readjusted" to the new Vendor
I work for and the new helicopter, (click here to see it) I can now focus on some things
 I've had to set aside for the past 6 months.
I have quite a lot of "new" stuff to put on the site and it will be forthcoming.
Check in often.

I have set up a "Literary Works" Page for Light Horse's
 long time friend and associate, Tony Spletstoser.
A couple of great stories posted there.

Several Light Horse Guest Book entries.
Several Charliehorse Guest book entries.
2005 Light Horse Reunion Information

After a lengthy hiatus, what ever the hell that is, I've finally updated the website
There are a bunch of Guest Book entries. Read'em back to the 12th of April.
A new story from Johnny Hutcherson. The Shovel
Tony Spletestoser has written a short biography of Bill Hanegmon.
I've wearied of dicking with the email directories. They have been changed.

A photo that will crack you up:  Mud Pit.
Photo album with pictures of Brogoitti and Brophy from Crusader CE Mel Minney.
Photo Album from Crusader CE Larry Sprader
Added Robert Comtois, Gil Adams, and Billy Norman to the Email Directory.
Gil Adams and Andy Earle to Crusader Callsign Roster
D Troop History, photos and flying with Ace Cozallio from Door Gunner Billy Norman.
Personal Document and A&D Storage for Hill and Albright.
Survivor Loach by JB West

Some Reunion Photos are posted. Click here to see'em.
2 New Guest Book Entries.

Check the Guestbook and Newsletter for Cogburn and Barney updates.

Reunion pictures will be trickling in. Please check the Newsletter for Reunion Info.

New entries to the Guestbook and Who's Coming!

War Wagon Ed Owens passed way last week. He has been added to "Folded Wings".

2004 Reunion Information

Light Horse News

Veterans's Day Message from Black Knights Prez.
Bob Hill, Light Horse Ops 67-68, sent me a cd with photos. He now has a personal photo album.
Bob also gave me some copies of orders and awards (Bronze Star & Air Meadl). They are also posted in the "Documents" section of the site.
There have been a few more Reunion 2003 photos added.
Update added to Vet's Page
The Guest Book has been updated.

Got rid of the old Guestbook. I just got real tired of the Spam. I'm trying a new system.
Check it out by clicking here.

Check the NEWS
Re-linked the 2003 reunion pictures. Thanks to Light Horse Ops Bob Hill. some missing stuff has been replaced on the site.
Thanksgiving Day 1967 messages and menu.
A great group shot of War Wagon pilots and crewchiefs circa '68.
News is updated, a message from Les Smith.
Vets Info page is updated 
Added D Troops first XO to the callsign roster
Jb West has new email address. Have you check the accuracy of yours lately?

A note from the new Black Knights Assn Prez.
Added two stories by Don Langlois
Vet's Info Page Updated
Locator Request

There is new 1st Aviation Brigade Website.
Click here to check it out.
The webmaster says he will correct the info pertaining to D Troop and Light Horse.
Vet's Info Page Has been Updated

A few more pictures and artifacts from the Black Knights Reunion.
A Photo Album from George Bartniki's Son
A Literary Piece "What We Carried"
I've started a Veteran's Inormation Page.

Added Don Langlois' recollection of the Scout platoon and two Loaches shot down in Sept 1969.
There are aircraft reports posted for the incident.

I'm trying to get caught up. Posted some great reunion pictures from Butch Cook.
Added a new page to the  Cav Humor section.
It displays some of the funny stuff from today's Military.

Our Sgt. Conley West is not dead. He is alive and well and teaching JROTC.
His name has been removed from "Folded Wings".
Sorry 'bout that, Brother 

A "News" Page has been added for current events.
Items will remain on the News page for about a month and then stored in "News Archives".
This page will continue to display additions and changes to the Light Horse Website.

Sgt Conley West is added to "Folded Wings"
I've started the "Survivors" section for the helicopters we have located.
Some repairs have been made to the '03 reunion Photo Album
and Frady's album

Just reuinon stuff. Check in later for changes to both sites.

Driving directions from the Atlanta Airport.

Driving directions to the Reunion site.

No new info lately because my hard drive took a huge CAV dump.
The worst of it is that I lost all of the email addressees I had stored. So.. if you read this, please e-mail me and I'll get a new address book going.
There will be changes to the web site sometime next week after I've spent many hours of quality time
reloading all the crap into my 'puter.

Crusader Cpt. Steve Gibson added to "Folded Wings".
WW Jim Hyler told me he had sent some copies of Promotion orders, rosters and other stuff awhile back.
I checked and sure enough. I had made the pages but never made links to them. Please check them out here.
LK Bill Large sent a copy of Orders for Air Medal with V.
Crusader Evans Kayser contributed a nice copy of a 1967 Crusader Patch.

Check out Jim Hyler's Personal Photo Album from 1968-69

Email directory changes and additions.
For you "C" Troop Guys  .
Ralph Chapman loaned me his 1971 Yearbook and you can find the complete scanned book HERE.  Enjoy!!

Finally got the Troop Rosters from 1967 displayed.
You guys oughta say something!

"Top" Gardner added to "Folded Wings"

Ralph Chapman's Photo Album

More OH6A incident reports.
Incident reports to 1970 and 1971

Added a Spook Patch

A photo album for Frank Minard has been posted.
Some email address changes
Additions to the Locator Page

Preliminary Information for the "Light Horse" 2003 Reunion

Added an copy of a set of Orders for the Air Medal, March -April 1967 timeframe

Historical Update
From Don Armstrong
Cav Humor form Mike Rokey

Added quite a few names to the Email Roster
Added to Larry Frady's Photo Album
A bunch of new Charliehorse photos if you are interested.

More damage and accident reports. Check '68,'69 & '70 "Time lines" for some additions. Check the UH1 pages.
I have finished pages 1 and 2 of the Loaches.
Very labor intense.
Check in often as I plan to list as many damage reports and accident reports as I can with emphasis on our KIAs.
Tail numbers

I have been playing with our aircraft tail numbers.
There are a few new photos and I'm slowly going through the VHPA list and adding accident/mishap reports.
These reports will also be listed on the various "Time Line" pages.

Newsletter, Locator, Email Directory and "Folded Wings" updated.

Locator Page Updated
Two More D Troopers Have Checked in.

Charliehorse's Fred Blanchard Checks in.

Added Poems by Marvin Camp

Updated Locator Page

Added George Bartnicki to the Folded Wings Page

Added a few things to the Charliehorse Pages
Updated "Locator Page"
News Letter Item

A couple of pictures have been added to the Charlieshorse pages.
Changes in Lighthorse email addresses
Another source for Cav Hats.

Ken Foster has been added to "Folded Wings"
Newsletter has been updated

The first edition of "Octofoil" magazine

Three new rosters from War Wagon, Jim Hyler
A "What's new" page to Charliehorse
A Time Line to Charliehorse
A "Troopers Checking In" Page to Charliehorse
A Story by Pappy Pendley

Have a Great and Safe Weekend!

A few new pictures of the runion from Red & Faye Hagan.
A couple of changes to the email directory.

More information regarding Swanson and Harrison.
Letter from General Shinseki

Added a few more 2002 reunion pictures. Still more to come.
Info on Jon Swanson's MOH will be posted soon. There is small blurb on the "Folded Wings page" now.

A couple more Reunion Photos.
A link to a great place to get a "Silver Belly" Cav Hat.

John Stenmo Remembers.
Added "Crispy Critters" to Glossary.
Operation JEB Stuart by Jim Bell.
A start on the Reunion Pictures. More to come.

The first attempt at a Troop newsletter and bulletin board.
Some minor changes from information gathered at the reunion.
Memorial (Sprouse Removed), Folded Wings, Long Knife Photo Album, Long Knife Photo#2.

Began new Awards and Decorations Section.
Send your copies in to be included.
2 News Articles Added

To help ease some of the confusion caused by the unit designation change in January 1971,
I have added a Charlie Horse section to honor those 3/5th Troopers who seem to dropped through History's crack.
Those guys really were the "Bastard Cav".
Check out the new Charlie Horse site.

Additonal Reunion Information
Updated Long Knife Photo Album

Who's coming to the reunion.
Personnel roster from 1967

Spook Crew Chief, Red Hagan's Photo Album

Reunion photo albums posted for 1998 and 1999

Jon Swanson added to "Folded Wings" Roster
2002 Reunion Hotel Information Posted

Added 7 more photos to Frady's Album.
New Photos in War Wagon and Light Horse Albums.
New Photos in Callison's Album

Photo Album for reunion 1999
New Photo Album of Random Samples

Added a Photo Album from Larry Frady
Callison's Photo Album

Additional personal information added to the Memorial Roster
Changes to Personal Photo Albums
Work has begun on the Reunion Albums. Year 2000 is complete.
Photo added to De Bow's memorial


New look for the Memorial Roster
A few more names added to the callsign rosters
Military Corps and Provincial Map

"Sampan Shuttle"
Starting to update the Memorial Roster with Panel & Line #

Update memorial roster
Credits and Dedication Page
C Ration Cook Book
Reunion Information

2 Loaches shot down. 9-20-69
Slayton Memorial Service Program
The War Wagon and Crusader callsign and album pages have some additions.

A really good "Octofoil" magazine article has been added to August in the
1968 Time Line.

An original War Wagon patch in the WW Photo Album

Light Horse Home