This project actually began in 1992 in a hotel room in Atlanta. Five War Wagon Pilots and one Crusader/C&C pilot got together for the first ever un-organized, un-official, giant “Romeo Fox-trot” reunion.

    Rick Waite, "War Wagon 16/19" and I, "War Wagon 14", began gathering data about the unit from various sources. Rick's profession led him to contact many former D Troopers and to archive tons of photographs and documents. Many can be viewed on these pages.

    With the intent to someday produce a not-for-profit book for everyone in the Unit, I started assembling a "works" in book form with many contributing authors. Over the years I have compiled a large amount of historical data about the unit, but there is so much more to be collected. The "works" have become huge and there is still so much left to be recorded.

    The internet seemed to be a good medium to make some of the information available to fellow troopers and the World in general.

    Not all of "Light Horse's" stuff is here because we don't want some pecker-wood stealing it an making money off of a book and we all know that some aspects of our history is inappropriate even for the Internet.

    “Scavenger” Don Armstrong was instrumental in providing a lot of historical data through his efforts at the National Archives and contacting old Trooper friends and picking the brains of new ones.

    Claude Stevens, Long Knife Crewcheif, holds the honor and distinction of having had enough interest and dedication 5 years ago to create the first D Troop Home Page. His failing health has prevented him from continuing that endeavor. This web site merely an extension of his ideas and work.

    Thanks to Mike Rasbury for providing photos, documents and so much of the information regarding Ace Cozzalio.

    Hat's off to Hunter Jones and George Rein who rounded up so many Dough Boys and contributed lots of material pertaining to their tours.

    I must heartily thank all of the guys who have dug out their closets, garages and attics across America, the guys who even risked pissing off ex-wives and new wives to gather and to contribute the material seen on our pages.

    Most of the information on this site is factual and verified. Most of the “War Stories”, are pretty accurate and verifiable. Many of the stories in the "Legends" section are lacking only in author's names for verification and then addition to the "Stories Pages".

    The rule I have used is that if a story is substantiated and collaborated by at least two people, then I consider it to be an accurate representation.

    As our memories fade with age, the axiom
“The older I get, the better I was”,
sometimes rings true :-)

    There are some terrific stories about the men who served in “Light Horse”. There are also some terrific legends about “Light Horsemen”. Research has found that some of the tales about “Light Horse” troopers may actually have happened to people in other units. These are great stories and have not been rejected but have been respectfully stored on the “Legends” Page of this site.

        This is where you can help if you have knowledge of these events. Please contact me so I can record the "Straight shit".

    Much of our material is really still incomplete and I plead with any former D Trooper to add what they know help improve the accuracy of the historical events.

Many of the graphics on this site were contributed by John Conway of the the VHPA Museum.
Robert Kirby, MCP and Doug Hallas of 3/5 Cav Vets have also contributed numerous graphics.
This website is Dedicated in Memory of my Dad.
LTC (Ret) Chuck Callison, USAF. 7-25-25 to 10-01-01
BART 101 was an O-1 Birdog FAC in the Delta in 1967 & '68.
He worked out of Rach Gia and became Senior Delta Controler at Can Tho.
He was always so impressed with and envious of the Army Aviators he encountered.
An old Fighter Pilot, he considered us to be the modern day,
big hairy-balled warriors of the air.
When we got drunk and told warstories, we got out the old E&E map!
Hand Salute!

Don Callison
War Wagon 14
Chicken Little
CWO4 (Ret)

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