Index of Present Day Memorials and Parks
Where Light Horse and Charliehorse Troopers are Remembered

This will be a work in progress.
When you find a park or memorial, get some pictures, send them to me along with the location and any other details and I'll post them here.

Ohio Veteran's Memorial Park in Clinton, Ohio
Sent in by Joe Paonessa
, Brother of Doughboy KIA, Michael Paonessa

Harold Feltner's Memorial
Dedicated to Dan Brophy and Bruce Brigoitti

Memorial Park, Mexico, NY
By Long Knife, Russ Marsden

Robson Ranch Veteran's Park
Denton TX

North Texas VA, Bonham, TX
Submitted by Crusader, Quin Sowell

Pensacola, Florida
Submitted by Crusader, Pat Ross

Alan "Ace" Cozallio
Near Sacramento, CA

Light Horse Home